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How to correct spell mistake in SSC Certificate


How to correct spell mistake in SSC Certificate

To correct you name in SSC certificate you need to submit the following documents to the Board

(Board of Secondary Education, Andhra Pradesh, INDIA)

  1. A letter from School Head Master
  2. NR Copy from School
  3. SSC Original Certificate

Submit the above documents in SSC board to concerned office. For each district there is separate block in SSC Board.


Aditya said...

Sir What is NR copy?

Venkateswarlu Cherukuri said...

NR means Nominal Register, At the time of joining in SSC, the School will maintain all the details of students in their registers along with Role Numbers. You need to take the ZEROX copy of that record.

Bharadwaj said...

Are these three enough for name correction in Andhra Pradesh Board?

Anonymous said...

i had completed my ssc in 2011 i had correction in that certificate that is my mother name is wrong
so what i have to do

Anonymous said...

i had completed my ssc in 2007 i had name and date of birth wronge in certificate. how can i change both of them please reply me. i need to apply pass port for my upper studies. please reply me at buranuddin786@gmail.com

Anonymous said...

i had completed my ssc in 2011 i had a correction in my in my mother surname as she is an govt.employee her surname will not be changed but as in scc certificate they changed the surname as fathers's surname.so plz reply me at kavuri.leena@gmail.com

Anonymous said...

sir ,
i have completed my ssc in 2009 .In my SSC certificate my name is to b corrected.It was printed as chityalashiva reddy with out any gap between my surname and first name (shiva).Now im studying B.tech.is there any possibilitie to change (just introducing a gap) in my name ,in all certifiactes(ssc , intermediate, upcoming b.tech degree).

Anil Behera said...

dear sir
my surname is behera and in ssc 2010 and hsc 2012 certificates and school leaving write behara
how can i can change my spelling mistake
i have gon ssc board office without any school letter he told me that it is not possible
pls help me what to do now?

solomonraj said...

Hi Sir,

I have complete my SSC in 1994. Is that possible now to correct my name in SSC certificates.

Guide me procedure how to obtain the same.

Looking back for best advice .. :)

Santhosh Santu said...

i have wrong spelling in nominal registar of my school too.. i have to change it to correct spelling as i have correct spelling in all other documents.please help me in this case..

Veeranjaneyulu Koritala said...

Dear Venkat, I was passed out my 10th class in the year 1992 and that my school was closed and I have get correction in my name, what to do ?

Santhosh Santu said...

i have registered the name itself with a wrong spell in school nominal register and all other documentslike voter aadhaar etc.. have correct spell. is it possible to correct my name with the correct spelling

Ravikumar Grandhe said...

Hi Santosh,
Please answer here when you find solution.


Naresh said...

my surname is not added in ssc certificates and also i lost my ssc certificate.
how can i get originals certificates with correct name.


sir i want to change my name in 10th class certificate my name is KARIMULLA i want to change these name to KARIM due to caste problem it is possible to change my name sir????

Anonymous said...

sir i comleted my ssc in 2008, my fathers name is wrong .. How can i correct it.


sir my name ramana..plz suggest me my surname in ssc certificate misspelled..that continue to inter and degree so how to procedure my sir name change in all certificates..actually my surname is YEGILI but in ssc certificate is AGILI plz help me

Ajay Jayavarapu said...

Hello I am Ajay in my ssc memo my mother was return wrong its was return has Satya vathi in my ssc memo and my mother original name is Satya veni how can I re correct the name

Srinivas Korukoppula said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
Anonymous said...

dear sir,
iam ananth kumar but s.s.c certificate mentioned the annanto kumar how it re correct the name pz sir .
sir plz reply me

Tony Surya said...

Sir my ssc certificate was surname wow Worrg pls how to do correct my 10th ssc certificate pls help sir

Tony Surya said...

Sir my ssc certificate was surname wow Worrg pls how to do correct my 10th ssc certificate pls help sir

prashanth kumar said...

Hi sir my name is prasanth my father surname mistake to ssc meo my SSC completed 2008 inter degree not mistaken how. To change the SSC memo father surname and my school records,ne missing how apply to board.... Please help me sir my email address. Saiprashanth 45@gmail.com

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